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Craig Alden Dell, a 45 year veteran of the guitar, studied and performed Classical, Flamenco and Impressionistic, as well as Folk, Ethnic, and Progressive styles. (Having studied formally in the Tarrega School, he is a graduate of the Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra at the University of Barcelona under the direction of Maestro Emilio Pujol and his assistant, Hector Garcla. Craig studied flamenco guitar from El Sarasate and has also performed for and studied technique from the legendary Sabicas. Sabicas taught him such intricacies of guitar playing as the proper angle for fingernails.

In the Classic style, he studied guitar from Christopher Parkening, in 1976, and received personal career guidance from Maestro Segovia when they met in the late sixties.

The Early Years

Craig grew up in a household immersed in the guitar, performers and music. His stepfather, Jim Dell, had the New Mexican franchise of Sherry-Brener Ltd., makers and sellers of premiere Spanish guitars. "Performers used to come and stay with us," says Dell about legendary names such as Arturo Hasso, Sarasate de Sevilla and Nino Palacios .At age nineteen, Craig had to buckle down and learn the nitty-gritty details of making music. No more coasting on pure talent and a good ear. In 1970, in order to obtain more formal training,he went to Spain to study at the Escuela Razonada at the University of Barcelona. "I was putting in fourteen hour days practicing," says Dell about that wake-up period. "I was in master classes with tremendous players from the world over. " Maestro Emilio Pujol encouraged Craig to work harder". But the concept of a musical career did not crystallize until Craig was 26. That's when the classical guitarist Christopher Parkening promised to help his future career in any way he could. "What he said woke me out of kind of a dream -- "I had never thought of what I'd do when I grew up," Dell said.

Awards and Performances

Mr. Dell and has toured extensively throughout the world. He has given two performances at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and has been a featured soloist with the Santa Fe Symphony with conductor Stewart Robertson. He has also performed with the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra conducted by Robert Wingert and Elizabeth Stoyanovich. Dell also won 1st Place in the U.S. Invitational Guitar Competition in August of 1976.( - should be next in importance, imo.)

Craig underwent hand surgeries in 2007 which limited his concert performances but not his teaching ability.

His musical tutorials focused on some very talented students. His hands have healed and he's ready to rejoin the ranks of concert performers worldwide, beginning on May 19th, 2012.

Accolades and Quotes

"Gregorio, Creo que Tiener Madera, Y un gran porvenir" Translated: "Craig, I think you have heart, (wood), and a great future ahead", Sabicas

"A Gregorio, mi querido discipulo, tu le tocaras al mundo con tu guitarra," con un gran abrazo. Translated: "To Craig, my dear student, you will play for the world with your guitar," with warm embrace. Emilio Pujol

"Craig is one of our town's excellent guitarists" William Dunning, The Santa Fe Reporter

"Consistent accentuation of tone... Confidence and command of his instrument..." David Noble, The Albuquerque Journal

"...as performed by a seasoned and sensitive artist with uncompromising taste and warmth of expression in musical rendition." Tico Times - San Jose, Costa Rica

"shows the many varied facets of the guitar as a concert instrument"... The London Times

"Mr. Dell used the appropriate guitar for each style - the flamenco instrument being lighter voiced and the classical model richer in tone. On balance, his flamenco performances had the edge: They were fleet, appealingly loose and soulful" ... Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

"- at the welcoming party in honor of Sabicas, The King of Flamenco, and the cast of Spanish artists, the local guitarist, Craig Alden Dell, played several compositions, among them "El Amanecer Arabe" composed by Sabicas. In that cozy room of the El Nido Restaurant we became aware once again, that music is truly a universal language. In that inviting room one could feel a communion of understanding among peoples of different countries and languages, in the musical expression of guitarist Craig Alden Dell." Samuel Adelo: Vistas Hispanas: The New Mexican

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