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1937 Santos Hernandez Flamenco Blanca Guitar

Background Information: As one of the most famous students of Manuel Ramirez, Santos Hernandez (1873-1943) of Madrid, Spain created both classical and flamenco guitars of such great refinement that his guitars were sought after by the finest of players. Most notable was the guitar given to Andres Segovia in 1912 by Manual Ramirez that had been created by Santos Hernandez in the Ramirez shop.

Santos Hernandez


After opening his own shop, Santos became most famous and most sought after for his Flamenco Guitars. You'll be able to read more on the life of Santos Hernandez in the Historical Luthier's area of this website.

When Craig got a hold of this particular Santos Hernandez guitar it seemed as if it hadn't been played for years, or perhaps only lightly. The previous owner, who had only recently passed away, owned this guitar for approximately 50 years.

It still has the original finish although the sound board has cosmetic issues perhaps from severe temperature or humidity fluctuations in it's lengthy past. Cracks appeared at some point, as they often do in older guitars when the wood begins to relax, but these were nicely repaired by a currently unknown Luthier. None of these issues affect the sound one bit!

Santos Hernandez flamenco guitars are designed for strong attack and power, and have a spruce top and cypress body. Inside the guitar, the lower harmonic bar was placed straight across the body instead of being sloped.

This 1937 Santos Hernandez Flamenco Blanca guitar has a rich, mellow depth that one finds in an aged guitar. Perfect for a Spanish love song! Yet it also has the strong attack and power it was designed to have when it was handmade by Santos himself.  In the hands of Craig Alden Dell, the sweet sound of this guitar takes you back to the heart of 1937 Madrid, complete with traditional gypsy flamenco singers and dancers.  It is still very playable and is played often - with the respect and admiration it deserves!  (Background commentary provided by Kim Pratt)

Additional Commentary (by Craig Dell): Craig's comments coming soon! This will be the more interesting stuff for guitarists!

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