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1980 Dieter Hopf Virtuoso Concert Classical Guitar

Background Information: Made in Germany, this powerful concert classical guitar is constructed with a cedar top, Makassa ebony back and sides, and an ebony fingerboard. The headstock design is a sight to behold and gets many comments!

Dieter Hopf


This guitar has a large body typical of concert classicals and the Makassa ebony back and sides makes it seem very heavy, especially after playing a two-pound Domingo Esteso Flamenco blanca guitar!

The sound, however, is far from typical. The Hopf sound is considered by some to be to guitars what the Harley sound is to motorcycles - in that it somehow it penetrates to your bones when you hear it.

This 1980 Dieter Hopf Virtuoso model has a magnificent sound. It produces base tones that are brilliant without being either brassy or boomy, which are in perfect volume balance with the treble and midrange. The resulting crispness of clarity that makes every note project with distinction. Add to that the mellowness of time and you have one sweet, powerful concert classical guitar. It is in excellent condition with a small repaired hairline crack below the bridge.  (Background commentary provided by Kim Pratt)

Additional Commentary (by Craig Dell): Craig's comments coming soon! This will be the more interesting stuff for guitarists!

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