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There is a vast amount of information on the internet and a large number of websites dedicated to music and guitars! Listed here are a few that we thought you might enjoy visiting. If you would like us to consider adding your music or guitar related link, please let us know!

Clicking a link will open a new browser window, so you can visit these sites without leaving the Craig Alden Dell website.

Performers & Musicians

AnnaMaria Cardinalli - An acclaimed concert classical and flamenco guitarist and mezzo-soprano singer, AnnaMaria is Craig's partner in El Duo Duende.

Paco de Lucia - A composer and guitarist, recognized as a flamenco legend all over the world and a leading proponent of the Modern Flamenco style.

Vicente Amigo - A Spanish Flamenco composer and virtuoso guitarist, born in Guadalcanal, near Seville. He is usually considered one of the greatest living flamenco guitarists, in succession to Paco de Lucia.


Guitar Museum - This website provides pictures and extensive information on the Sherry-Brener private collection of classical and flamenco guitars. It is dedicate to the luthiers of the world. Pictures of the fabulous guitars are available from all angles.

More links coming soon...

Conde Hermanos = The Conde dynasty was founded by Domingo Esteso (1882-1937), who established his own shop in 1915. Esteso in turn trained his nephews Faustino and Mariano Conde Sr. and later, Julio Conde was trained in his brothers´ workshop. The shop is now run by Felipe and Mariano jr. who continue crafting guitars in the great Esteso-Conde tradition.

Dake Traphagen - Builder of classical, flamenco, multi string and nylong string jazz guitars, Dake's guitars are used by many notable recording artists and performers, including Pepe Romero.

Guitar Festivals

Healdsburg Guitar Festival - Another large guitar festival with more than 130 different luthiers, plus workshops and concerts. Held every two years (the opposite year of the Newport Festival in the link below) in August at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa, California.

Newport Guitar Festival - A large number of innovative, independent luthiers display their wares at the Newport Guitar Festival, which is held every other year. In addition, a host of renowned guitarists conduct workshops and perform short concerts.

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