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El Duo Duende

Some of the world's most beautiful music can not exist in the hands of a singular performer. It must come to life in the conversation between two. It is that mysterious entity of community that the gypsies call "duende". Few performing teams are as graced with that magical property as Craig Alden Dell and AnnaMaria Cardinalli in this, their debut album. It spans a range from the most formal classical repertoire, to sweeping operatic vocals, to passionate flamenco - each consistent in the spirit of duende which pervades.

Song TitleComposerListen
1. Oriental Granados - Arr. Craig Alden Dell mp3
2. Rosa Mystica AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
3. Aranjuez Rodrigo, Lorca mp3
4. Sonata Scarlatti mp3
5. Desdemona's Romance Rossini - Arr. AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
6. El Testamen de N'Amelia Miguel Llobet - Solo, Craig Alden Dell mp3
7. Fantasia No 10 Alanso de Mudarra - Solo, Craig Alden Dell mp3
8. Granada Solo, AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
9. Asturias Albeniz - Solo, AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
10. Stride la Vampa Verdi - Arr. Anna Maria Cardinalli mp3
11. Bulerias en Alto Trad. - Arr. Craig Alden Dell mp3

Flamenco Steel

Traditional flamenco with an edge! Flamenco Steel's brutal performances are exectuted on steel strings guitars. Steel strings bring a brilliance to the depth of the expression of duende. This is the album that has already stunned the guitar world prior to its release. El Duo Duende (Craig Alden Dell and AnnaMaria Cardinalli) has created and introduced a no-holds-barred, do-not-try-this-at-home technique of executing of true Andalusian gypsy flamenco on steel strings. El Duo Duende alone performs with the passion and discipline required to endure such guitaristic brutality to achieve the purity of tone that "Flamenco Steel" allows.

Song TitleComposerListen
1. Bulerias Acero Traditional - Arr. Craig Alden Dell mp3
2. Sevillana Giovanna I & IV Trad., II & III AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Arr. El Duo Duende mp3
3. Fuentes de la Alhambra Francisco Tarrega, Minor key Arr Cardinalli, Maj Key Arr. El Duo Duende mp3
4. Rondena Solo Manolo Vasquez, "El Sarasate" Arr. & Performed by Craig Alden Dell mp3
5. Recuerdo de Sevilla Solo, Nino de Ricardo, Performed by AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
6. Romanza Anonimo Traditional - Arr. and Sung by Annamaria Cardinalli mp3
7. Danza Mora Solo, Manolo Vasquez, "El Sarasate" Arr. & Performed by Craig Alden Dell mp3
8. Farruca Crepuscula Solo, Composed and Performed by AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
9. Steel String Card Scene From Opera Carmen by Georges Gizet - Arr. & Sung by AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
10. Morena Mystica AnnaMaria Cardinalli mp3
11. Rumba de Santa Fe Traditional - Arr. El Duo Duende mp3

Treasures of the Spanish Guitar

Four of the greatest composers of music in the Spanish style are represented on this CD; Antonio Ruiz-Pipo (1933-), Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909), Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959), and Augustin Castellon Sabicas (1917-1990). Although all but Albeniz wrote for the guitar, it is a point well taken that each of their music is extremely guitar in nature.

Song TitleComposerListen
1. Danza Antonio Ruiz-Pipo mp3
2. Granada Isaac Albeniz mp3
3. Zambra Granadina Isaac Albeniz mp3
4. Leyenda (Asturias) Isaac Albeniz mp3
5. Amanecer Arabe Sabicas mp3
6. Prelude 1 Heitor Villa-Lobos mp3
7. Prelude 3 Heitor Villa-Lobos mp3
8. Etude 11 Heitor Villa-Lobos mp3
9. Bronce Gitano (Soleares) Sabicas mp3

Total playing time 41:03 (stereo)

Sold Out!
Spirits of the Latin Guitar

Few musical sets you will hear in life serve as great of emotional timestamps as this amazing collection of latin masterpieces.  From the swaying drama of Enrique Granados' Oriental (Danza Espanola #2) the CD takes us on a journey through times and places we all have either dreamed of, or even more, long to revisit. For most first time listeners, this CD warrants pressing the 'repeat all' button and taking the scenic route home after work - a classic collection to cherish.

Song TitleComposerListen
1. Oriental (Danza Espanola #2) Enrique Granados mp3
2. La Maja De Goya Enrique Granados mp3
3. La Catedral Augustin Barrios mp3
4. Rondena de Sarasate Manolo Vasques mp3
5. Recuerdos de la Alhambra Francisco Tarrega mp3
6. Suite Homenajes Hector Garcia mp3
7. Buleria del Callao Eric Patterson mp3

Total playing time 38:31 (stereo)

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